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An inspired idea,beautifully executed…

-Katherine Parker 3/1/2015


You have many great pieces on display it was difficult to choose just one. I love your creative ideas

-Brebt Bereska 2/2/2015


Great Art. Love my Ocean Waves Crashing piece…

-Judy Zorza 2/18.2015


Love them,such an original idea….

-Maria Gioannettone 2/4/2015


I love my Golf Shadowbox! I would have bought more!! I loved the price at the Fair best of all!!!

-Christina Smith 2/3/2015


Absolutely Gorgous Art and Concepts. Keep up the great work/ You and your Art are appreciated.

-Yevonne Krezanoski 1/23/2015


Love it,thank you!

-Cynthia 1/17/2015


I originally saw the Shadowboxes about three years ago but never bought one.I have regretted that for three years so this year I bought Two.Love them so much.

-Mary Klingelhofer 1/12/2015


I love my Shadowbox ,it’s in the Kitchen and I shake it up everyday.

-Bobbi Luffman 1/ 8/2015


 I love my shadowboxes!!!  When I was in California and came across them I could not decide.  I first met Deano in Palm Springs during the Thursday night street fair………..knowing I was traveling back to Seattle and couldn’t make up my mind, I originally passed.  That following Sunday I went to Palm Desert and saw Deano again, it was fate.  I shipped 4 of them home.  When company comes over they are always a piece of conversation.  LOVE THEM!!!  Thank you Deano.  Shipping was fast and packed extremely well.

-Michelle Walker   4/13/2014



 We met Deano at the Palm Springs Thursday Night Street Fair 4/03/14, and immediately fell in love with Deano’s designs. Our daughter pick the flip flop shadowbox and my wife chose the “Imagine” scrabble shadowbox. Wesley Kerscher  4/5/2014

I and my partner, Mark Le Messurier, just purchased your “Tim Horton’s” at the VillageFest in downtown Palm Springs last evening, (Feb.27/14).  Wonderful!  Being snowbirds from Canada, it will hang in our kitchen here as a reminder of home.  Really liked your “Palm Springs” too – inspirational, (and fascinating hearing the puzzled comments from passersby, and then the inevitable realization dawning upon them!).

-Ralph Pascht

I got the roulette wheel and the black jack shadowboxes …nice work love the idea …and you have great personality ..thank you

Mazin Hermiz

Deano is a very engaging and personable artist.  His creativity is extraordinary in that he takes simple objects and makes them into art pieces.

Fred Arnow

I love the Scrabble shadow box with the loose tiles. That is our family game that we play when everyone is home or on holiday together.  Thank you!

Jayne Andron

Dean, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shadow boxes purchased from you yesterday. I rearranged my whole wall above my wine rack until your pictures were placed just perfect. Thanks again for doing such lovely, creative work. If you ever take a picture of a plate of spaghetti with a fork and spoon, let me know!

big hugs, Denise

We had the pleasure of receiving one of your “shadow box” artworks as a gift. My husband is usually non-committal about artwork, but we both love this piece! We are in the process of renovating a 1925 house and plan a bar area for entertaining. This shadow box will have a prominent location, as it gives the perfect feeling to the design we have in mind…simple, elegant and embracing old-fashion style.

Jean & Bill Hardwicke, Los Gatos, CA

Beautiful! I love the story behind the original creation of your shadow boxes and the story that inspired this one (“Battleship”). My brother’s going to love it! Thank you!

James Mahoney Los Angeles,Ca.

We have a home on Cape Cod and immediately fell in love with the two shadowboxes that remind us of our beach. We can’t wait to visit and display them when the weather warms up on the East Coast!

Liza Meyerhardt Needham,Ma.

Great unique gift for our Son’s first wedding anniversary. Beautiful design and can be customized for every occasion.

Pete Carlson

I intended to buy only two shadow boxes from Deano today, but I ended up buying three because I connected so deeply with each image that I couldn’t decide which one to leave behind. When I came home and visited this website, I learned that one of the images I bought was called “Sunrise at Crystal Cove.” I was immediately shocked and thrilled — Crystal Cove is my favorite beach in the world! I honestly believe that I was meant to buy that image, so thanks, Deano, for being right where I could find you.

—Tiffany Graham Pasadena, CA

Deano, I’m very impressed by the vision and quality of your work. The two pieces that I purchased compliment each other to perfection. The inclusion of related objects bring the shadow boxes to life and create a uniqueness that I’ll enjoy for years to come.

—John Shaffer Account Manager/Technology Sales Scottsdale, AZ

Deano, thank you so much for really capturing the essence of my “Auntie Glo” in the custom shadow box. What you were able to accomplish with the meek materials I provided you to work with, absolutely astonished me. The final outcome of the piece far exceeded my expectations. My family will treasure this wonderful memento for years to come.

— Glory Cooper, Executive Director/Mobility Unlimited Medford, OR

Deano’s shadow boxes contain masterfully and beautifully inspired photographs that are professionally and creatively framed into shadow boxes with objects related to the picture. I have two and they enhance the beauty of my office and would add to the magnificence of any space.

— Reverend Joy-Anne Fournier Center for Spiritual Living in Medford, OR

Deano, the shadow box I purchased from you, with the photo of the crashing surf and accompanying sea shells gives me a remembrance of the ocean’s grandeur each time I view it.

—Elaine Pfau Standard Poodle Breeder Medford, OR

Hello 2018 This is a great year to order a Shadowbox from Art Affects by Deano. I will NOT be at any shows this year, You must order online.